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FAPSC Community Leader Award

FAPSC will recognize an individual or entity, outside the private postsecondary education sector, with a Community Award.  This award will be in recognition for outstanding service to the community in each of the FAPSC regions.  Each of the 8 regions will have the opportunity to recognize one outstanding community award recipient.  Each region will have the opportunity to name their local award in honor or memory of someone - for more info on this click here or scroll down. 

From these 8 community award winners a “state-level” recipient will be selected and recognized at the Annual Conference - July 2014 in Aventura, FL.  Submit your Nomination using the
Community Leader Award Nomination Form.

Examples of Nominees for this Award:

  • Local Media Representatives
  • Local Community Leader
  • Local Government Leaders
  • Local Employers
  • Local Community Mentors
  • Local Humanitarians
  • Local Association/Club/Organization Leaders and/or Volunteers

Nominees must have positively impacted numerous private postsecondary schools and their students within their community.   Nominees must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their local community resulting in:
-   enhanced quality of life in the community

-   cooperative efforts that develop or advance the community
-   increased opportunity for individual success in the community

All Award Nominations are due by May 12.

Click Here to Nominate a Leader in Your Community!

Titles for Regional Community Leadership Award 

Each region has the opportunity to name their award in honor or in memory of someone.  Members of each region may submit their proposed titles to the Awards Committee and Regional co-chairs with supporting documentation of why this local person is worth of having this award named in their honor using the Regional Award Title Submission Form

Nominee title-holders must meet the following criteria:

  • individual is retired or deceased
  • individual has dedicated a significant portion of his/her life to positively impact the local community

In the event there are multiple submissions for each region, the regional co-chairs will review the supporting documentation with members of that region to determine the award name.  In the event there are no submissions for a region, the award shall remain titled, "Service to the Community Award". 

All Title Nominations are due by May 12.

Regions Eligible to Submit Title for Regional Community Leadership Award: II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

Click here to submit a Title For a Regional Award.

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