Education Opportunities

FAPSC is always in need of volunteers to carry out the association's strategic plan goals. Volunteers can participate in multiple committees and working groups.  Most will meet via conference calls; engage on discussion boards or via other eletronic media.  Traveling is not necessary to participate.

The concept of these educational groupings is to better assist our members in the discipline areas in which they offer programs.  Their focus will not only be on Continuing Education but Legislative, Regulatory, and other areas of concern that require FAPSC attention. If you have a special interest in any of the areas below we ask you to consider volunteering.

Members interested in serving can contact the FAPSC staff coordinator for more information or complete this form.

Allied Health Working Group

Composed of all health related profession programs except Nursing but include Home Health Aide, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technicians, Radiological Technicians, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technicians, Ultrasound Technicians, Veterinary Technicians, etc.

Co-Leader: Chris Tilley
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Katie Allan

Continuing Education and Conference

The Continuing Education Committee meets bi-monthly in conjunction with the FAPSC Board. The committee covers conferences and continuing education courses through FAPSC. Members will assist with curriculum development and logistics for all continuing education programs, online and in-person, for school administrators and faculty. The committee hosts workshops throughout the state and provides assistance at conferences.

Co-Leaders: Walt Kirby and Melissa Wade
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Katie Allan

Cosmetology Arts and Massage Working Group

Composed of schools/programs in Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Massage Therapy, Nail Technicians, Spa Management, etc.

Co-Leaders: Nancy Bradley and Melissa Wade
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Wanda Minick

Creative Arts Working Group

Composed of schools/programs in Advertising, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Graphic Arts, Media, etc.

Leader: Joe Hardiman
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Wanda Minick

Distance Education Working Group

Composed of schools/programs in Online Education.

Leader: Dan MacFerran and Brian Swanson
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Katie Allan

Liberal Arts & Traditional Programs Working Group

Composed of schools/programs more closely aligned with traditional educational programs such as Accounting, Business, Criminology, Education, Psychology, etc. as well as General Education and ESL.

Co-Leaders: Jorge Alfonso and Claire Walker
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Curtis Austin

Nursing Committee

Formed in 2009 due to the demand of the Nursing shortage in the State of Florida, FAPSC mission is to support quality nursing programs in our sector. Since, this committee has been a driving force identify topics and issues that need to be addressed, and ways to share best practices through hosting sessions at conferences, webinars and through regional events. This committee meets in a variety of different ways, either at the quartely FAPSC board meeting, via conference call or schedule one on one's with fellow members. The Nursing committee continues to seek ways to assist member and non-member schools to offer quality nursing programs that help meet Florida’s need for nurses and collaborates with the Florida Board of Nursing.

Leader: Dr. Jay Ober
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Curtis Austin

Technical Arts & Trades Working Group

Composed of schools/programs in Construction, Diving, Electronics, HVAC, Mechanics, Truck Driving, Welding, etc.

Co-Leaders: Bill Polmear and Dean Bartness
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Curtis Austin

Technology Working Group

Composed of schools/programs in Computer Assisted Design, Computer Gaming, Engineering, Information Technology, Network Management, Software, etc.

Co-Leaders: Audrey Kaplan and Nancy Rodriguez
FAPSC Staff Coordinator: Wanda Minick



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