David Pauldine

Opening Keynote Speaker
Thursday, August 4, 2016

Leading Change, Providing Value

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Dr. Joe Pace

Closing Keynote Speaker
Friday, August 5, 2016

The Mental Technology of Peak Performance: Education & Conversation with Dr. Joe Pace

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Opening Keynote Speaker: David Paudline

Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 10:30 am

Commence your conference experience with a session that offers David Pauldine’s viewpoint on the landscape across private sector higher education.

Primarily, three questions will be addressed: 1) Where are we now?; 2) Where are we going?; 3) How will we get there?

The session will start with a look inside the key developments of the past 5 years, move on to the ‘act of responding’ to these developments and then finish with a series of leadership best practices that will leave session attendees with an outline of things to consider when leading their institutions moving forward. Dave’s style is as much story telling as it is delivery of content. The use of examples, illustrations, analogies and case studies livens up the session and keeps attendees engaged while leaving them with easy to remember anecdotes.

David Pauldine photo
David Pauldine spent 35 years in private sector higher education. His career began at DeVry in 1979, where he spent 9 years in a variety of positions before going to EDMC. Dave was at EDMC for 17 years, most notably as President of The Art Institutes. In 2005 he came back to DeVry to become president, DeVry University & Executive VP of the DeVry Education Group – a position he held for 9 years before retiring in 2014.

For much of his career Dave worked in the schools, serving as campus president at multiple locations. Dave worked in Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington State and Florida and was active in state associations. He was the co-founder of the Northwest Career College Association, was board chair of The Washington Federation of Private Vocational Schools and served on the board of The Florida Association of Private Schools & Colleges. From 2007 to 2013 Pauldine served on the board of APSCU and was APSCU’s board chair from 2012-2013.

Today, Dave is a professional speaker, consultant and board member. He has given the keynote presentation for the state associations of Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Arizona and Florida and moderates APSCU’s annual Leadership Institute. Pauldine serves on the board of Quinstreet and Education Partners – a Willis Stein company - and is consulting with schools based in Florida and Puerto Rico. He currently provides services under Pauldine Enterprises, LLC and can be found online at




Closing Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joe Pace

Friday, August 5, 2016 - 3:30 pm

Learn a range of leadership skills and leave inspired and prepared as we conclude the conference with this dynamic session.

Some of the topics in this presentation include:

1) How to create an environment where every employee is a Model, Mentor and Monitor and involved in changing lives not just running departments.

2) How to think more strategically: building teamwork and developing common vision, strategy and synergy.

3) Understanding mental technology and how the mind works in order to affect student retention and satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

4) Helping students develop self-discipline, grit and will power.

5) Practical facilitation and mentoring techniques and their positive affect on learning, student retention and enrollment management. Discover how to create “teachable and impactful moments.”

6) Implementing effective organizational change.

Dr. Joe Pace Photo

Dr. Joe Pace is an internationally recognized performance psychologist, educator, speaker and author. He presents seminars and workshops in the areas of student retention, faculty development, corporate cultural alignment, and personal and professional achievement. His background in teaching, psychology, and business aids him to deliver research-based information to a global audience from students and faculty, to corporate executives.

Dr. Pace has earned a Doctorate Degree in Education and Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Psychological Counseling, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. With his doctoral dissertation and over 30 years of research, he continues to provide industry leading, innovative success concepts for student retention and persistence techniques.

Dr. Pace, along with The Pacific Institute Founder Lou Tice, are the authors of the best selling textbook, Thought Patterns for a Successful Career, used by more than one million students in over one thousand Colleges and Schools world-wide. Additionally, he has authored four textbooks on professional development, designed for college students about to enter the workplace.
Dr. Pace, a former college president, was appointed by the Governor of Florida to the Florida State Department of Education’s nine-member licensing commission for private schools, serving on the commission for ten years, and elected chairman twice. On a national level, Dr. Pace served as Commissioner of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in Washington, DC.

Currently, Dr. Pace serves as Chairman of the Board – Global Education, for The Pacific Institute and is an educational and psychological consultant for numerous colleges and organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Dr. Pace can also be seen weekly