The House Committee on Education and the Workforce understands the information provided in Injustice for All, and have specifically asked why the schools aren’t beating their doors down about it. Committee leaders and your members of Congress want to hear from you—the schools that are affected by these atrocities—“sooner rather than later!” Words straight from the Committee.

ATTN Private College and School Leaders and Financial Aid Administrators:

After years of research and analysis, Mary Lyn Hammer has diligently prepared audited evidence of the US Department of Education’s (DOE) consistent pattern of data manipulation, misreporting, and strategic lack of reporting that drives a purely political agenda that threatens your institution, your students and your employees. Ms. Hammer's research shows that our publicly available reports include manipulated data and reporting from the DOE that seems to be designed to sway public opinion about sector-level performance in higher education and to hide the truth about the DOE’s own failures and substandard performance. This information has been compiled into a book titled "Injustice for All" which can be found here. (

Copies of this new book have already been shared with key elected officials and staff in the US Congress. Members of the House Committee on Education & the Workforce, the Senate HELP Committee and the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform have taken note and are closely reviewing the book and supporting materials. These committees have begun asking questions in both letters and in hearings and related hearing documents. The press is also becoming increasingly interested in this issue.

MOMENTUM IS BUILDING AND WE ASK THAT YOU HELP YOURSELVES - it is critical that your voice be heard in Washington as soon as possible. Please, contact the following offices and let them know you support efforts to investigate this matter fully and to bring this issue to light:

• Your Member of the US House of Representatives -
• Your 2 United States Senators -
• House Education & Workforce Committee (202-225-4527)
• House Oversight & Government Reform Committee (202-225-5074)
• Senate Health Education Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee (202-224-5375)

Attached is a press release announcing the book, a recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, and the “Injustice for All Summary and Talking Points” that provide additional details you can use in making your case with these officials. We must challenge our elected officials to examine this audited information to ensure the future of an American higher education system that benefits ALL citizens rather than serving political agendas.

Again, these offices have heard from Ms. Hammer – NOW, THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Please, let us know how we can help facilitate this call to action. Send questions and comments to

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