In Case you Missed It: The Gainful Employment Exploration Series Webinar Recordings

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Here's a few highlights you may find interesting:

Did you know starting January 2017 there will be new disclosure processes in place?

Before a prospective student signs an enrollment agreement or registers, schools must provide a copy of the disclosure template for the GE program by hand-delivery or email.

If hand-delivered, the school must obtain and maintain written confirmation of receipt.

If sent via email, the GE program disclosure template must be the only substantive content of the email, and the institution must have an electronic (or other) method for acknowledging the prospective student’s receipt of the email.

If there is no acknowledgement that the student has received the email, the institution may try other means of delivery, but must document all efforts to deliver the disclosure template.

Do you know what "Cost of Attendance"(COA) includes?

That's tuition, fees, book, supplies and equipment fees. Room and board is not included.

Do you know what type of debt schools report?

Schools only report the private loan debt and institutional loans that the student incurred for enrollment in their particular institution. If the student transferred into a GE program at your institution, you do not have to report any debt the student incurred at the old institution (even if credits transferred) or in other programs.

Schools report the following for each student who withdraws or graduates:

1. Amount of private loans that an institution is or should be “reasonably aware of.” This includes institutional loans as well.

2. Institutional debt (this includes extensions of credit) owed “any party” at the time of completing or withdrawing from the program (this includes any balances owed as well as any other outstanding obligations such as library fees, graduation fees, lab fees, etc.) Please note that institutional loans are different from institutional debt. Institutional debt is basically an extension of credit with no interest for less than 12 months, or with a 90 day (or shorter) term.

3. Tuition and fees charged (note that Department of Education guidance indicates that this is the total charged BEFORE any aid or scholarships are applied).

4. The total amount of the allowance for books, supplies and equipment (as established using the Cost of Attendance calculation your institution uses for the program) for all AYs (award years) that the student was enrolled.

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If you have not already, make sure to book mark these websites.  These sites are a great resource for when the Department of Education provides updates concerning Gainful Employment. 


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