Portfolio of offerings to help your institution with the new GE rule process

Identify potential problems and providing institutions with sufficient time to take corrective action:

• Organize Student Achievement Standards
• Institutions can validate potential problems before reporting to regulatory bodies
• Estimate Annual Loan Payment for future years
• Estimate how much the student earnings should be in order to meet GE Standards for the next 4 years
• Forecast GE results years before DOE official rates are released
• Tips to estimate GE rates: 1) Job Market Earnings, 2) Current Student Earnings & 3) Former Student Earnings
• Proprietary analytical tools helps anticipate potential problems up to four years in advance
• Forecasting GE rates provides institutions the ability to quickly implement strategies for improving D/E Ratio’s
• Map Student Profiles
• By analyzing each institution’s demographic characteristics, you can create a profile of students with a higher propensity to fail the GE requirements

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Did you know Educa Insights will SORT, ANALYZE, and REPORT the appropriate information  necessary for you to make the right strategic decisions to safeguard the FUTURE of your institution and its students.

Don’t you put your institution at RISK with inexperienced and ill-informed professionals managing your GE responsibilities.

You need a partner that will conduct the appropriate research to navigate the GE requirements and provide you with clear direction to be compliant. You cannot afford an honest mistake in reporting that could close your school.

As the Department of Education continues to increase restrictions on your institution and the private, post-secondary market, now isn’t the time to take a chance on implementing flawed practices. Use a TRUSTED group to analyze your institution’s data so you know how your programs will be affected.

Take control of your institution’s compliance needs today and speak with the team at Educa Insights.

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