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Board of Nursing / CIE

Thursday, August 22, 2019  
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The Florida Board of Nursing met on August 7th through the 9th 2019.  There were several agenda items noticed.  The board took initial action relating to 30 schools with nursing programs in the State of Florida. The board moved to accept the staff recommendation that the schools listed in the agenda be found "not in compliance" with Florida Statute 464.019(11).  

CIE has also sent notices to each of the schools requesting a teach out plan due to the board of nursing's action. The deadline for submitting teach out plans to CIE is set for August 31st.  

If you are employed by one of the schools affected by the board of nursing ruling, please consult with your staff and any contractors you may have employed on behalf of your school to formulate your plans for the future as soon as possible.  All nursing schools should be following this issue VERY closely.  There is potential impact to the entire sector as the board of nursing and CIE move forward.