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Governors Want Pell Grants Expanded

Monday, October 7, 2019  
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The following governors signed a letter addressed to the US Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions:

  • Governor Eric Holcomb, Indiana
  • Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona
  • Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas
  • Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa
  • Governor Matt Bevin, Kentucky
  • Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts
  • Governor Phil Bryant, Mississippi
  • Governor Mike Parson, Missouri
  • Governor Chris Sununu, New Hampshire
  • Governor Doug Burgum, North Dakota
  • Governor Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma
  • Governor Mark Gordon, Wyoming

The governors thanked the members of the committee for their hard work and urged them to improve the Pell Grant program by allowing access to "many non-traditional students who drive our state workforces and in turn, our economies."

The Governor's press release on the matter can be seen here.

A news article can be seen here.