2019 Administrator of the Year
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There will be two possible winners.

One winner will be from a school that awards degrees.

The other winner will be from a school that does not award degrees.

FAPSC values the contributions its members make to grow and improve private postsecondary education in Florida. In recognition of that value, FAPSC is privileged to recognize those administrators who epitomize commitment and excellence. This year FAPSC will award:


The FAPSC Administrator of the Year

award is open to an administrator in any administrative specialty, such as admissions, career services, financial aid, etc at any of our member schools.


Nominees should be those administrators who have exhibited excellence and provided quality leadership; the policies and practices they have instituted and facilitated should have resulted in a positive contribution to their school(s) and, ultimately, to students.


Please think about those administrators who have made your job easier; who have improved the manner in which you work; have helped students; have increased productivity on campus, and so on. Please consider nominating that administrator who epitomizes ingenuity, excellence and quality. Please offer him/her the opportunity to be recognized!