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Latara's Story
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Latara's Story

Overcoming obstacles is nothing new to Latara Moody. She lost both her mother and grandfather to violent deaths and her baby to SIDS; She’s been in several serious car accidents, and suffered though personal illness with years of misdiagnosis. She lost her job, her fiancé, her car, and her house. Through it all, though, Latara stayed strong and fought to regain the life that she wanted for herself. Latara is currently a Therapeutic Massage student at Heritage Institute, preparing for a career that will allow her to help not only others, but also herself.

Two years ago Latara began suffering from abdominal pain. Numerous trips to the emergency room, visits to her primary care doctor, and visits to multiple medical specialists produced no concrete answers. After over a year of countless doctor visits and medical tests, Latara was given some advice by an Emergency Room nurse – look into Fibromyalgia. After mentioning it to her Primary Care Physician, who seemed uninterested in even discussing the possibility, Latara began researching Fibromyalgia on her own. By the time she was able to set up her own appointments with specialists, however, Latara’s insurance company started denying claims due to the amount of physician visits she had recently had. She had already lost her job, her home and her fiancé had left her. These were the darkest days for Latara.

Instead of giving up as many people would, Latara adapted to her new life with an undiagnosed illness. She would still feel the pain, but learned how to live with it and manage it. Because Latara had always had sensitive skin, she developed her own line of skin care products to take care of her skin. Wanting to combine her passion for skin care products and an interest in Chinese Medicine and spas, Latara enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage program at Heritage Institute. In the beginning of her program, Latara realized that because she had been in pain for so long she could hardly stand to have her body touched. Working with her instructors and her classmates to understand how her body functioned and how to reduce pain allowed Latara to learn how to help herself. Latara learned how to connect her body with nature to begin the process of healing.

When Latara first came to Heritage Institute she was in pain and on several different medications. Through the course of her education she began to once again take control of her body. Latara is now off of all medications and is (mostly) pain free. She’s healthier than she has ever been and is able to take care of herself and her children. She understands how to manage and deal with the pain on the rare occasion that she’s suffering.

Latara will soon graduate from Heritage Institute with her Occupational Associate of Science Degree in Therapeutic Massage. She is excited to be able to spend her career helping people who find themselves in similar situations learn to manage their pain and to help them find some respite from pain. Latara says, “Upon my graduation I will reach my hand out to those people and say, ‘Here, let me help you, like Heritage helped me."

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