Continuing Education
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How many continuing education hours are required for administrators and faculty?

Administrators and faculty in licensed institutions shall complete eight hours of training related to their positions each year. Records of actual training shall be available for inspection at the institution. Compliance with this requirement is a condition for renewal of licensure. (Section 1005.39)

Who falls under school administrator?

School director, Florida director, or chief executive officer; chief education/academic officer or director of education or training; placement director; admissions director; and financial aid director. (Section 1005.39)

How can I fulfill the mandatory continuing education units (CEU)?

FAPSC offers online and site- based continuing education programs for faculty and administrators. The Annual Conference provides 8 CEUs, and the FAPSC Online Training Center offers 200+ online courses. Check out FAPSC' calendar of events.

Tell me more about the FAPSC ONLINE TRAINING CENTER.

 As a FAPSC member you receive a special member rate of $129 per "enrollment key."   Each key is valid for one course enrollment and each course provides 4 hours of continuing education credit. Additional discounts are available for vulk purchases.

Statutory continuing education requirements for Florida licensed career schools and colleges

1005.39  Continuing education and training for administrators and faculty.-

(1)  The commission is authorized to ensure that the administrators of licensed institutions are qualified to conduct the operations of their respective positions and to require such administrators and faculty to receive continuing education and training as adopted by rule of the commission. The positions for which the commission may review qualifications and require continuing education and training may include the positions of chief administrator or officer, director of education or training, placement director, admissions director, and financial aid director and faculty members.

(2)  The training of each administrator and faculty member shall be the type of training necessary to assure compliance with statutes and rules of the commission and the State Board of Education and with those of other state or federal agencies in relation to the responsibilities of the respective positions.

(3)  The commission shall adopt general qualifications for each of the respective positions and establish guidelines for the minimum amount and type of continuing education and training to be required. The continuing education and training may be provided by the commission, appropriate state or federal agencies, or professional organizations familiar with the requirements of the particular administrative positions. The actual curricula should be left to the discretion of those agencies and organizations.

(4)  Evidence of the administrator's and faculty member's compliance with the continuing education and training requirements established by the commission may be included in the initial and renewal application forms provided by the commission. Actual records of the continuing education and training received by administrators and faculty shall be maintained at the institution and available for inspection at all times.

(5)  Qualifications of administrators and faculty in their respective fields, as well as continuing education and training, may be established by the commission as a condition of an application for licensure by a new institution or for renewal of a license.


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