FAPSC Throughout The Years
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 1956  June 28: Creation of Florida Association of Private Schools (FAPS) in Dade County

Board of Directors established.

State licensing process established.

Training workshops launched.


 FAPS & State of Florida launch "CAreer Awareness Week" in October

Associate memberships begun

"Update," a newsletter launched

FAPS awarded "Outstanding State Association" award by Nat'l. Assoc. of Trade & Technical Schools (NATTS)

"Career Alert," publication for HS guidance counselors begun

FL DOE member invited to Board of Directors meeting for first time; Charles O'Malley attends.


FAPS Dept. of Accredited Schools created and offers accreditation workshops

Annual awards program begun

FAPS wins numerous awards: 1st Place member services at NATTS/ACIS Idea Fair; 1st place for member recruitment; 1st place for publications; 2nd place for member services at 6th Annual State Associations Workshop

FAPS becomes FAAPS - Florida Association of Accredited Private Schools

FAAPS partners with FVA - Florida Vocational Association

FAAPS scholarship program exceeds $1 million in tuition value

FAAPS hosts inaugural legislation reception at Capitol.


FAAPS recognized by Governor Martinez. Regulatory rules serve as nationwide model for quality standards.

Florida Legislature passes VSAG - Vocational Student Assistance Grant

FAAPS hires Legislative Affairs and Government Affairs Coordinator & appoints Strategic Planning Task Force

FAAPS become FAPSC - Florida ASsocation of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (1992)


Newsletter goes digital and is renamed "eFlash"

FAPSC PAC established

CIE becomes part of HECC - Higher Education Coordinating Council

ABLE grant established

FAPSC adds Central Conference

FAPSC Celebrates 50 years in 2006!


"Spirit of FAPSC" award begun

Hall of Fame begun

Nursing and cosmetology workshops offered

"Champions of Students" recognition begins

Webinars begin and expand

FAPSC gains sector support against gainful employment legislation

FAPSC representation on HECC - Higher Education Coordinating Council - begins



 That's our past...may our foundation hold us firmly as we enter the future!