FAPSC Webinar Series
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Do you have a compelling and valuable topic enriched with content you want to make available to the FAPSC audience?

FAPSC wants to strengthen our outreach with our associate members by connecting and sharing your expertise with our school members through online webinars. We want to provide the best and most diverse educational opportunities available for educators. Our goal in this effort is to provide innovate webinars on intermediate- and advanced-level topics of interest to employees at Florida career colleges. FAPSC is seeking proposals from our associate members to participation in the Connect – Share – Learn webinar events. Hosting a FAPSC webinar is an opportunity for you to highlight your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject area.

FAPSC invites you to help us develop webinar events that will take place on the second Wednesday of each month running January – December 2017.


Format: Most webinars run for 60 - minutes. The estimated presentation time is around 40 minutes with the remaining time spent on introductions and a Q&A session. Please submit a proposal for a topic you can adequately cover in this amount of time.

As a webinar event sponsor, you’ll bring professional development opportunities directly to the desktop of an education professional.



Webinar sponsors receive:

An hour of exclusive connectivity with up to 100 Florida school leaders.

► Logo and link on all email promotions and FAPSC website.

► FAPSC will do all the marketing and communication to attract attendees to your webinar. FAPSC will market the webinar to Member and Non-Member institutions in Florida.

► Webinar Registration list (includes: name, company, title, phone, email address of attendees. These can also be customized).

► Companies reserving the first six webinars will also have an opportunity to provide a tote bag insert at annual conference.

Rates: $299 per webinar (payment will be expected once webinar proposal has been approved)


Let FAPSC help you reach the right people.

To be considered please submit the following:

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